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Onboarding Email Template

If you are a Confluence administrator or team member wanting to communicate the features, benefits, and how to use Include Bitbucket for Confluence, this email template is a perfect place to start.


Subject: New Confluence App - Include Bitbucket for Confluence

Email Body:

Hi Team,

We’ve just installed a new app on our Confluence instance that is ready to use called Include Bitbucket for Confluence. This app will help you include files and data like pull requests, commits, branches, tags from private and public Bitbucket Cloud and DC repositories into a Confluence page.

Key Features:

  • Up-to-date file content in your Confluence pages

  • Markdown and AsciiDoc files are automatically rendered as HTML

  • Source code files are syntax highlighted with automatic identification of programming language

  • Repository metadata like branch, tag & pull request lists can be embedded into a Confluence page

  • Included Bitbucket files are searchable in Confluence

Note for Admin: This feature is opt-in and has to be enabled manually under Include Bitbucket Configuration.

How to Use:

  1. Go to a Confluence page where you want to include content

  2. Click on Edit

    1. Include File - Simply paste the URL of the Bitbucket file onto the page

    2. Include Pull Requests

    3. Include Branches

    4. Include Commits

    5. Include Tags

  3. Publish the Confluence page


Your Confluence Admin

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