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Include branches list

You can include information on branches from a Bitbucket repository by adding lists of branches in your Confluence page. For each branch you will get the branch name.

Add the macro

You can either:

  • type directly { Bitbucket branches and ENTER to add and edit the macro, or

  • click in the editor toolbar on Insert > Other Macros and select the Bitbucket branches macro (located in the category “External Content” of the macro library).

Select the macro

Macro settings

You will then be prompted to specify the following:

Bitbucket connection

Dropdown of connections registered in the macro configuration

Bitbucket project

Name of the project within the connection containing the targeted repository

Bitbucket repository

Name of the repository containing the requested branches

Choose maximum number of last updated branches to show (optional)

Choose number of branches to be displayed (defaults to 100)
Branches are sorted by most recently updated

Edit the macro settings with your repository information

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