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Releases Notes

Release Notes - Code Owners for Bitbucket Cloud

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Happens automatically, except if manual approval is required.

To upgrade app manually to the latest version:

  1. Go to your Workspace settings under Settings -> Installed apps:
  2. Select the app you want to update.
  3. Press the Update button.

Version 2024-02-23


  • Extended the Glob support options-lists to match. For example /src/**/*.{js,ts,css} @FrontEndTeam

Version 2023-10-02


  • Support for Bitbucket Cloud groups in CODEOWNERS files Use @@GroupName to reference a Bitbucket Cloud group.

Version 2023-03-14


  • Fix inconsistent merge behaviour when pull request authors approve their pull requests

Version 2023-01-30


  • Documentation, playground and release notes accessible by every user on the repository menu, not just for admins.


  • Fix the issue when Code Owners are not added as reviewers to pull request in case any of the Code Owners is an inactive user.

    Inactive members of the workspace are getting ignored.


  • Code Owners performance benefits by improved Bitbucket Cloud API by Atlassian.


  • Dependency updates

Version 2022-11-08


  • Integrated Playground:

    In the Repo Settings → CodeOwners, there is now a playground where you can try out Code Owner rules: CodeOwners Playground

  • Improved wording on Code Owners Merge Checks


  • Fixed Issue of Missed Updates

    When the pull requests where updated, then the Code Owners might not be updated properly.

Release notes for older versions

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