We are happy to announce that we’ve published a new Cloud version of Code Owners for Bitbucket on . πŸŽ‰

New Features

Merge Checks Support

Merge Checks are now supported in Codeowners for Bitbucket Cloud. Check the merge check documentation.

Failed merge checks show up as a failed build in the pull request. You need to enable Bitbucket's merge checks for failed builds to prevent accidentally merging pull requests with failed checks.

Included a Help Page in the Admin Section

In the Bitbucket Admin section, there is now a Code Owners section with documentation about CODEOWNERS files:

Improved Parser Error Message

Error messages from invalid CODEOWNERS file have been improved and are more helpful.


  • Allow colon `{ }` characters in file globs

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or problems?

Let us know. We’re glad to help!