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Release Notes v6.6

We released Code Owners 6.6 on πŸŽ‰

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Random Assignment Routing: not-chosen Code Owners are no more PR Watchers

We have slightly changed the behaviour of using the (Random) Assignement Routing. Previously, Code Owners that were not selected by the Assignement Routing were added as Pull Request Watcher.

The goal was to still let people be aware that pull requests are being made. However, this was at the expanse of one of the goals of Assignment Routing, which is to reduce noise for your team. Following customers feedback, we decided to change this behaviour, and not-selected Code Owners will not be added anymore as Watcher.

If you actually liked the previous behaviour, please let us know so that we can make it an option for you!


Improved performance for Pull Request Creation page

We have improved the loading performance of the Code Owners extensions within the Pull Request creation page. This will result in UI elements to be ready faster.


6.6.0 : resolved issues on

Issue: users added as individual code owners are required to approve Pull Requests in merge checks, even when they are the author.

Fix: users added as individual code owners are not required anymore to approve Pull Requests in merge checks when they are the author.

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