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Release Notes v6.4

We released Code Owners 6.4 on 🎉

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Data Center and Server


Global option to disable Code Owners

  • You are now able to globally configure Code Owners under the Administration level.

  • This will allow you to configure repositories to have Code Owners enabled/disabled by default with one click. Individual and/or projects can still choose to further enable it.

When disabling Code Owners, it will no longer auto-assign reviewers to your pull request, and all related UI elements will not be shown.

Code Owners settings at global level, click to disable

Integrated UI to change the DevSensei auto-merge Pull Request type

It is now possible to change the type (manual, auto, ship, show or ask) of an opened Pull Request. It is available under the context menu button on the Pull Request page.

Modal dedicated to changing the Pull Request auto-merge type


Improved overall performance of Code Owners

We started an effort to make the Code Owners app more performant, especially for large Bitbucket instances.

DevSensei will not auto-merge a Pull Request marked as “work needed”

Before 6.4.0, a pull request would be automatically merged, even if one of the reviewers set their review status to “needs work”. This is no longer the case. 

Security improvements


6.4.1 : Further optimizations on

  • Further optimizations for performance improvement of Code Owners

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