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Release Notes v6.3

We released Code Owners 6.3 on 🎉

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Data Center and Server


More flexible UI for marking a Pull Request as “Ready for Review” (aka. un-draft)

In release v6.2, support for Draft pull requests was introduced.

Now, you can also use the Auto-Merge functionality in the process of marking a Draft pull request as “Ready for Review”, similar as if you would create a new pull request.

Give it a try by:

  1. Creating a Pull Request as a Draft → pull request title starts with: [DRAFT]

  2. Open this pull request and click in the menu the button:
    Code Owners: Ready for Review (un-draft)

  3. Check out the new UI to mark the pull request to Auto-Merge when ready to merge.

Ready for Review Dialog showing auto-merge options


6.3.0: resolved issues on

  • Hide Random Code Owners Assignment hint when auto-assignment is disabled.


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