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Release Notes v6.0

We released Code Owners 6.0 on ๐ŸŽ‰

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Release of DevSensei Auto-Merge

We are pleased to announce the integration of DevSensei Auto-Merge into Code Owners.

You can't afford to wait any longer! With pull requests taking too long to be merged, you might face delayed customer feedback and longer-living branches causing merge conflicts. But there's a new branching strategy for combining advantages of both pull requests and shipping features faster: Ship/Show/Ask. Our DevSensei Auto-Merge application implements this strategy, allowing you to quickly ship features to your customers while still gathering feedback and making necessary changes. This results in a faster development cycle, more efficient use of resources, and ultimately, a better product for your customers.

When installing Code Owners 6.0, DevSensei will be enabled by default.

  • With DevSensei enabled, your team members can select โ€œAuto-Mergeโ€ when creating a pull request. Such pull request will be merged as soon as all merge checks are fulfilled (merge checks include requiring review approvals, successful pipeline runโ€ฆ)

    Auto Merge section from the PR creation form

  • Your team can also opt-in to embrace the full Ship/Show/Ask pull request workflow. DevSensei provides the tools to bring Ship/Show/Ask PR strategy to its full potential. It offers a dedicated UI guiding your team members to making the right choice.

    Ship/Show/Ask support UI

    See About Ship/Show/Ask PR workflow for more detail.

Check out our Getting started - DC guide.


6.0.1 : resolved issues on

  • Fix Code Owners behavior when the destination branch of a PR is changed and the setting
    CODEOWNERS.destination_branch_pattern was active.

  • Fix to a non-forwarding email address for DevSensei service user

6.0.0 : resolved issues on

  • The Code Owners playground is now properly rendered in the โ€œNo CODEOWNERS fileโ€ popup window.

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