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Release Notes v6.2

We released Code Owners 6.2 on 🎉

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Data Center and Server

New Features

Random Code Owners Assignment

Code Owners can now be configured to automatically assign only a subset of each of your code owners group for review. This allows you to reduce the number of reviewers for a pull request and the amount of notifications your team will receive.

Currently, the only supported method is to choose code owners at random.

You can add the following line to your CODEOWNERS file,

CODEOWNERS.toplevel.assignment_routing random 2

and the app will pick 2 code owners for each group that are relevant to your pull request.

You can find more information in the Settings Documentation page.

Create a Pull Request as a Draft

In the previous release v6.1, we introduced the initial support to mark a pull request as a draft with the pull request title prefix [DRAFT]. In this release, we added the ability to do this with the ease of a button click while creating the pull request.

Select Draft and get feedback early with just a few teammates

This will allow you to consider a Pull Request as a draft and as work in progress to get early feedback. No Code Owners will be automatically assigned to your pull request until you mark your Pull Request as being Ready for Review. You can manually add reviewers (the usual way) if you want to cherry pick them.

Mark your pull request as “Ready for review”, and the app will add all code owners as reviewers again

Globally configure DevSensei Auto-Merge

  • You are now able to globally configure DevSensei Auto-Merge under the Administration level.

  • This will allow you to configure repositories to have DevSensei Auto-Merge enabled/disabled by default with one click.

Globally configure DevSensei Auto-Merge


  • When available, DevSensei Auto-Merge will now decide whether to delete the merged branch based on the “Branch deletion on merge” setting.

Bitbucket version

Source Branch deletion settings

7.15 and higher

(tick) DevSensei will now follow the "Branch deletion on merge" setting from Workflow > Branches

below 7.15

(warning) DevSensei will stay as it was before. That is, the source branch is deleted upon auto-merge.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent the ability to auto-merge if it was disabled in destination repository.

  • Prevent to auto-merge, if pull request author misses permission to merge.


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