We released Code Owners 6.1 on πŸŽ‰

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Draft Pull Request support

Include [DRAFT] in your pull request title to indicate it's still work-in-progress or you want early feedback from a colleague.

Code Owners won't auto-assign reviewers until [DRAFT] is removed.

After removing the prefix, Code Owners will assign the responsible code owners as reviewers.

This process ensures requests for reviews are only sent when your pull request is ready to review.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fix Bitbucket 8.10 support in auto-merge

  • Auto-merge:

    • Support legacy Build Status API to trigger auto-merges (used by some Jenkins notification plugins)

    • Use configured default merge strategy for auto-merges

    • Prevent auto-merges when the pull request has a failed build or a build is still running

    • Auto-merge pull requests if there are failed builds from old commits and only consider builds for latest commit instead

  • Auto-unapprove:

    • prevent unnecessary unapprovals after squashing commits

    • also unapprove non-code-owners on pull request changes

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