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FAQ ☁️

Is it possible to export Git assets to PDF or Word?

You can export Git files content as part of a PDF or Word export of your Confluence page.

The other Git assets are not considered. If you require them, please contact us via

Can we access data from a Bitbucket instance protected by a firewall?

It depends on your exact setup. You can opt-in for static-IPs for all the traffic from Include Bitbucket for Confluence Cloud. Then allow traffic through your firewall from these IPs. Read the documentation for the exact requirements.

Is it possible to include data from a private repository from Bitbucket Cloud?

Yes, data from a private repository can be included from Bitbucket Cloud. Just add the macro you need (e.g. Bitbucket File) with the details of the data you want to include, and the app will show a link to grant access to the repository.

How is authentication handled to access private resources?

Confluence Edition

Bitbucket Edition


Confluence Cloud

Bitbucket Cloud

There are options:

OAuth: Every Confluence user needs to authenticate via OAuth to Bitbucket Cloud in order to access included private repository files. They must have a Bitbucketaccount as well. They only see private files they see on Bitbucket Cloud as well.

Shared Access Token:

All Confluence users access Bitbucket Cloud with a configured access token. They do not need any account on Bitbucket. They see included files which the token has access to.

Confluence Cloud

Bitbucket Data Center

An access token of a specific user is shared and used for all Confluence Users.
A Confluence user does not need any Bitbucket login.
Every Confluence user can view included Bitbucket files.

Do you support advanced links embedded in an AsciiDoc?

Advanced links such as {asciidoc-dir}/../../shared/versions/stack/{source_branch}.adoc are currently not supported and we display in the included file.

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