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Data security and privacy


Please find the general privacy policy here: Privacy Policy (Cloud apps)

App specific data storage for Cloud version

At Mibex Software, we try to only store the bare minimum of data to accomplish our task and to provide you a pleasant user experience.

Add-on Scopes for Cloud version

  • account: Ability to see all the user's account information. Note that this does not include any ability to mutate any of the data. This scope is used for the admin pages of the app.

  • repository: Gives the app read access to all the repositories the authorizing user has access to. The app does not access repositories source code, nor does it store any code. This scope is used for:

    • the app’s repository settings pages

    • the commit webhook to recognize new commits that would trigger auto-merge

  • pullrequest: Gives the app read access to pull requests. This scope implies repository, giving read access to the pull request's destination repository. The app uses this scope for the auto-merge feature:

    • read the pull request title for the [SHOW]prefix that signals auto-merge

    • read the pull requests' build status

    • to check if there are open tasks or if there are changes requested.

  • pullrequest:write: Implies pullrequest but adds the ability to merge pull requests for the auto-merge feature. This scope implies repository:write, giving write access to the pull request's destination repository.

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