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Release Notes v7.1

We released Code Owners 7.1 on πŸŽ‰

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Data Center


Troubleshooting Pull Request Auto-Merge

When using the Auto-Merge (or Ship/Show/Ask) feature, it was sometimes hard to understand why a pull request is not being merge. To address this issue, we introduce the Auto-Merge Pull Request comment.

Failed attempts of auto-merge will be reported in a dedicated comment, with an explanation of what is missing for or blocking the merge.


Example of Auto-Merge failure attempt explanation


  • Invalid users (including unlicensed users) within your CODEOWNERS or devensei.yaml files will not be blocking a Pull Request modifying the configuration file. Instead, you will be informed of such issues within a dedicated task added to your pull request.


    Example of Pull Request task explaining invalid users


  • The Assignment Routing setting within your CODEOWNERS file will now be properly migrated when moving to our DevSensei workflows.

  • Code Owners are removed as reviewers when Pull Request is created as Draft


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