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Release Notes v6.9

We released Code Owners 6.0 on πŸŽ‰

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Support of Options in Glob Patterns

In globs, a selection of options to match is now possible. Examples:

**.{ts,js,css}  @web-developers   # Match ts, js and css files
src/{main,test}/**.* @devs        # Match files under the src/main and src/test directory
db/{schema/*.*,**/*.sql}          # Match files in /db/schema and all sql files.


  • Reduces the Bundled JavaScript size, improving the performance of the app


  • Fix conflicts with other apps (like Crucible Hooks), where installing Code Owners would break the other app or Code Owners itself.

  • Fix the title of Auto-Merged pull request. Previously, a commit title generated by Bitbucket was used. Now, the intended Auto-Merge message is used.
    Example: Auto-Merge: Pull request #12: [AUTO] Fix Spelling in Help Dialog


6.9.2 : resolved issues on

  • πŸ› fix: Wrong reviewer group being used instead of reviewer group with name fully matching

    • e.g. if you had a reviewer group called team, and a reviewer group called team_blue, instead of team members of team_blue have been used.

  • πŸ’„: Long PR titles could be truncated because of Code Owners column in PR list.

6.9.1 : resolved issues on

  • πŸ› fixes: Glob /path/sub/ should not match /path/subfolder/other

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