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Release Notes v5.5

We released Code Owners 5.5 on πŸŽ‰

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Automatic unapproval of reviewers only includes affected CodeOwners

  • New setting to automatically unapprove codeowners when a pull request changes.
    Similar to Atlassian's Auto Unapprover app, but unapproves only codeowners that own the new changes in the pull request.
    The feature can be enabled in the toplevel CODEOWNERS file by adding the following line:
    CODEOWNERS.toplevel.auto_unapprove_on_change enable

Integrated Code Owners Playground

  • The interactive Code Owners Playground is now also integrated directly within the admin page of the plugin. You will find the β€œPlayground” tab within the other documentations tabs:

Support for changing CODEOWNERS file on PR destination change

  • When you change the destination of a pull request, it may happen that the content of the CODEOWNERS file in the original destination is not the same as the one from the new destination. Previously to 5.5.0, such a situation would not trigger the CodeOwners again, and you had to manually do it via the interface. This triggering is now done automatically.


5.5.0 : resolved issues on

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