We released Code Owners 5.1 on πŸŽ‰

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If you have installed 5.1.0 please upgrade to 5.1.1 asap.
See Changelog below: 5.1.1

New Features

Exclusion for some Source branches of pull requests

  • Option to exclude Code Owners for pull requests with source branches matching a pattern.

    • Use-cases:

      • Enforce reviews to master branches, except if they are release merges, e.g release/x.y.z -> master

      • Automated dependency updates by bots

# To exclude code owners functionality for pull requests with certain source branches,
# you can add the CODEOWNERS.source_branch_exclusion_pattern followed by a 
# branch pattern to your CODEOWNERS file. 
# The whole CO file is then not active for pull requests with matching source branch.
# For example if you want code owners to be inactive for pull requests create by renovate bot with source branch starting with renovate, add

CODEOWNERS.source_branch_exclusion_pattern renovate/*

Disable Code Owners app in repo settings

  • Added toggle in Repository settings to disable Code Owners app,

    • so that app is completely disabled for PRs in such repos, e.g. no notifications send.


Bug fixes

  • Allow braces {} in file globs.


5.1.2 : resolved issues on

  • Performance optimization for repos with deep folder structure, previously git ls-tree could result in high CPU load on Bitbucket.

5.1.1 : resolved issues on

  • Non-admins receiving 403 error pop-up when viewing PR

5.1.0 : removed from marketplace due to regression found.

  • Install 5.1.1

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