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Release Notes v5.0

We released Code Owners 5.0 on πŸŽ‰

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New Features

Merge checks revisited (breaking changes)

  • Changes:

    • Add support for ANDing merge checks on same line

    • Allow combining OverallCheck and AllGroupsCheck with other merge checks

    • Changed when OR checks are active (BREAKING)

      • For combined Merge checks with OR/AND, the inactive Group checks are stripped and the remaining checks must be fulfilled, that the pull request can be merged.

      • Example:

@@@JavaDevs @matt @ann @peter
@@@TeamLeads @doris

*.java   @@JavaDevs
*.adoc   @@TeamLeads

(Check(@@JavaDevs >= 2) | Check(@@TeamLeads >= 1))
  • Old, up until 4.x: when a PR contains one file , the complete OR merge check was disabled. Thus, no merge checks were enforced.

  • New, starting with 5.x: when the PR contains one file, the matching merge check Check(@@JavaDevs >= 2) is active, while the inactive merge check Check(@@TeamLeads >= 1) got stripped. Thus, it is required that two Java Devs approve the PR.

For all the details, go to Merge Checks

Dropped support

Support for Bitbucket 6 dropped with this release.
We recommend to upgrade to current version of Bitbucket.


  • Repo settings page UX improvements


Previous: Release Notes v4.0

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