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Release Notes v4.0

We released Code Owners 4.0.2 on πŸŽ‰

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New Features

New, flexible Merge Checks:

  • based on active Code Owners groups

  • defined in CODEOWNERS file, beside the regular owner rules

  • possibility to combine several checks with either OR relation

The two existing options to define merge checks was for many of our customers too restrictive and did not match their workflows.

Therefor we added a more flexible option to define merge checks.

Check out our new Merge Checks guide to learn how to use them.

Option to disable Code Owners features per repository

  • Auto-assignment as reviewers to PRs (on per default)

  • Merge checks (off per default)

Merge Checks was already an opt-in feature per repo base.

We added an option to opt-out from auto-assignment of Code Owners as reviewers to newly created or updated pull requests. Find it in the repository settings under Code Owners.

If you want to disable Code Owners e.g in a forked repository, you just need to turn the

auto-assignment off in the repository settings of the fork.

Or if you have a big group of potential reviewers and you want to enforce that some must review, but your team should decide for each pull request, who that should be? Enable and configure your Merge Checks and disable the auto-assignment. The Code Owners tooltip in pull request creation wizard will still help you to choose the right person as reviewers.

Auto-assignment as Reviewers toggle


Debug Logging switch in global app settings

Admins can turn on Debug logging for Code Owners by simple toggle a switch in the global settings of the Code Owners app. And off again of course, after you have sent us the logs for support cases. πŸ˜‰

Removed support for Bitbucket Server 5.x

Since Bitbucket Server 5.x reached end of life, we removed support for it in Code Owners 4.0 .


4.0.2: resolved issues on

  • Fix performance problem in Code Owners calculations for PRs with a lot of changed files

    • Code Owners calculation took too long and therefore reviewers were not auto-filled and Merge button was blocked.

4.0.1: resolved issues on

4.0.0: resolved issues on

  • Features and Improvements mentioned above.

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