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Release Notes v3.1

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released Code Owners 3.1 on 🎉

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Server and Data Center

Announcement: End of support for Bitbucket Server 5.x

Since Bitbucket Server 5.x reached end of life, we will remove support for it in Code Owners in one of the next releases.


3.1.5: resolved issue on

  • Fix quoted usernames containing @ symbol, e.g. from LDAP

3.1.4: resolved issue on

  • Improve performance 🚀 for big CODEOWNERS files with many rules

3.1.3: resolved issues on

Patterns only need to match a suffix of the fully qualified branch or tag name. Fully qualified branch names look like refs/heads/master, while fully qualified tags look like refs/tags/1.1.

3.1.2: resolved issues on

  • Allow merge if PR author is single Code Owner in rule

    • PR could not be merged before, if creator has a matching personal rule and merge check active with numeric value for ‘Min. # of approvals’.

3.1.1: resolved issues on

  • Only add new Code Owners to pull requests on rescope events when the source branch, but not the destination branch changes.

    • Before, this led to a bug in combination with the destination branch filter feature, where manually removed reviewers got wrongly re-added.

    • It caused confusion, as rescope events triggered by changes on destination branch are not visible in pull request activities.

    • Code owners can still be added manually to pull requests as reviewers at any time and are marked as Code owners.

  • Performance improvement in rescope event handling

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