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Release Notes v6.0

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released Code Review Assistant 6.0 on 🎉

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Bitbucket

AI Review Assistant (Opt-In) 🤖

The AI Review Assistant lets you interact with ChatGPT through comments on your pull requests in Bitbucket.

Write a comment starting with /aira (short for AI Review Assistant) to talk to ChatGPT.

Look at our documentation AI Review Assistant for further information.

To be as helpful as possible, the AI Review Assistant will send information related to your pull request to the ChatGPT API.
The following information is sent:

  • Title and description of the pull request,

  • Commit titles of the pull request,

  • Diff of the pull request, and

  • Content of Jira issues linked (via commit messages) to the pull request.

Consult our privacy policy for more information.

Added telemetry for improving application usage and performance

In a desire of continuously improving the application, Code Review Assistant now gathers data about usage and performance. You can opt out of sending telemetry statistics by setting the Bitbucket property to false.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing analysis report caused by disabled Bamboo build job

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or problems?

Let us know. We’re glad to help!

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