We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released Repository Templates 3.5 on 🎉

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Bitbucket Server

New Features

Bitbucket 7 compatibility

The app now supports Bitbucket 7.

Allow editing the repository of a template

Instead of having to delete the existing template and create a new one with all the associated repositories, the app now offers to edit the repository of a template.


Resolved issues in 3.5.3 on

  • Unable to save settings with enabled "commit verifying hooks" despite unselected mirroring option

  • No visual indication what hooks are excluded from settings sync in Chrome

  • Repositories created from global templates do not respect a different default branch

  • Pull request hooks alternate state between template repo and project if project inheritance is used

  • Use red color for disabled debug logging toggle button in admin settings

  • Make clear with help messages that global templates do not support setting sync

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or problems?

Let us know. We’re glad to help!