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I allowed access but I still cannot see the secret custom field in the Jira issue

Some things to check if this does happen

  1. Force reload without cache of the page (Command + Shift + R) or (Ctrl + F5)

  2. Clear the browser cookies and cache or open a new window in incognito mode

  3. Check with the admin that the secret field is configured for the expected projects and screens

A user has access to a Jira project but there is a project that is not available in the Projects filter when using the Project Scanner

Check the project permissions by going to Project Settings > Permissions and ensure the user has permissions to the project including Browse Projects from the list of Project Permissions.

I get an error when trying to access the Project Scanner page

This may happen if the user has the Jira allowlist enabled. The app is currently not compatible with organisations that have a Jira allowlist enabled. To confirm this, the user can follow the below steps to check the logs for more details:

Download and send logs

  1. Go to Admin Hub and select the Atlassian site where the app is installed. You will need to have admin access for this.

  2. Select Connected apps in the left menu.

  3. On the Connected apps page, select ••• next to the app you want to download logs for.

  4. Check the logs to see if you see a message that states, "code":403,"message":"The IP address has been rejected because it is not on the allowedlist. See your admin for more information."

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