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Getting started

The app is currently not compatible with organisations that have a Jira allowlist enabled.


Install No More Secrets for Jira though the Atlassian Marketplace. Note that a user must be an admin of Jira in order to install the app onto an Atlassian site.


Associate the custom field Secrets to screens. This may require special permissions like “admin” in some cases.

  1. Settings > Issues > Custom fields (under Fields)

  2. Click on the Secrets custom field and you may need to go to the next page to see the custom field

  3. Go to Screens to associate the field to screens

  4. Click on the applicable screens and click on Update

  5. You should now see the custom field in the Jira issue

The custom field will only be visible for company-managed and service management projects. Team managed projects will not display the custom field.


You need to allow access to the app in the Jira issues the first time it is used. Note that every user will need to allow access even if the admin has already done it.


Check personal settings (Click on avatar > Jira Personal Settings) to ensure “Send me email notifications” is enabled and choose the email notification notifications format of preference.


Start using No More Secrets for Jira 😀


When a new issue is created that includes secrets, you will see the secrets listed in the field as in the example image below. Also, the creator of the issue will also receive an email notification.


When a new comment or attachment that includes a secrets is added to an issue, the author of the comment or attachment will receive an email notification.


There is a nav bar option under Apps called No More Secrets Project Scanner that can be used to scan all issues in a project for secrets. A user will need to have project permissions for the project(s) they would like to scan for secrets.

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