You can include files from a GitHub repository in order to have an up-to-date version of it in a Confluence page. The macro will feature syntax highlighting for the included file and the possibility to export it in PDF or Word.

To include a file you can:

  • simply paste the URL

  • add the macro and specify additional options

For files that are within private repositories, users will need to authenticate to view the files' content. More information in this section.

Include file by pasting the file’s URL

You can simply copy the URL of the GitHub file and paste it into the Confluence page.

In the following example we use this GitHub URL of a .js file:

We then simply paste the URL in the Confluence file as shown in the video and the macro will automatically be applied to embed the file.

To edit the macro’s options listed in the next section, you can click on the edit button present on the macro when editing the page.

Include file by adding the macro

You can also add the macro to set further options.

In order to do so, you can pick the Github File macro from the macro browser. Alternatively you can type directly /Github File and ENTER to add and edit the macro.

Select the macro

You will then be able to specify the following:


URL of the file

Syntax highlighting

Format/ language for highlighting purposes (auto detect is performed by default)


Your title for the macro

Show line number

Tick to display number of lines in the file