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FAQ ☁️

Is it possible to export Git assets to PDF or Word?

You can export Git files content as part of a PDF or Word export of your Confluence page.

The other Git assets are not considered. If you require them, please contact us via or add a request on our public roadmap.

Why do I get a message asking me to authenticate to view content from a public repository?

GitHub applies a limit rate to unauthenticated requests made to retrieve content. It is possible that such rate limit may be reached prompting you to authenticate even to access public repositories. Once authenticated the user should be able to see the requested data.

Why does the app need “write” permission for the OAuth scope when allowing the Confluence instance for Github?

The app technically does not require “write“ permissions but unfortunately the GitHub API does not provide a read-only OAuth scope for public and/or private repos which is what our app needs and we are forced to use the “repo“ scope. Including GitHub documentation on Scopes for OAuth Apps as reference.

Do you support advanced links embedded in an AsciiDoc?

Advanced links such as {asciidoc-dir}/../../shared/versions/stack/{source_branch}.adoc are currently not supported and we display in the included file.

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