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Connect to GitHub Cloud ( ☁️

Public repositories

No configuration needed.

Private repositories

By default no configuration is required. Each user will have to authenticate with OAuth to GitHub to access the content. Therefore, each Confluence user also needs a GitHub account to see the private repositories.

Shared Authentication

Alternatively, shared authentication can be used. All Confluence users will share the same authentication to GitHub and therefore won’t need a GitHub account. Confluence users will see all content the authentication token has access to.

  1. On, navigate to:

    1. For a token associated with a user: User (Icon upper left) → Settings → Developer Settings → Personal Access Token → Fine-grained tokens.

    2. For a token associated with an organization: User (Icon upper left) → Your organizations → Settings on the organization → Personal Access Token

  2. Generate a new fine grained token

    1. Choose the repositories you want to grant access to.

    2. Configure the permissions for the token:

      1. Contents: Read-Only

      2. Pull requests: Read-Only

      3. Issues: Read-Only

    3. Note the expiration date. Be aware to update the token if it expires or remove the expiration date.

  3. On Confluence, navigate to the Settings → Include GitHub

  4. Switch the authentication method and save the token:

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