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Release Notes v 2.7

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released version 2.7 on 🎉

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Server and Data Center

Support Rendering Mermaid files (.mmd & .mermaid)

Now supporting Mermaid file as well as Mermaid in Markdown.✨

Rendered Mermaid Files (.mmd and .mermaid)

Bug Fix

  • Fix bug causing image files with spaces to crash macro

v2.7.2 - released on June 14, 2024

  • Preparation for a future version of Confluence (9)

  • Third party dependency updates

  • Add branch meta data to File Macro UI

  • Fix Bugs:

    • Eliminate error with reStructured file syntax highlighting

    • Show error message to users with admin permissions when accessing settings only authorized for system admins

    • Fix placement of copy button in source code file macro when long lines are present

v2.7.1 - released on March 13, 2024

  • Macro UI improvements

  • Third party dependency updates

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