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Connect to Bitbucket Cloud (

You can include information from Bitbucket Cloud repository within your Confluence Data Center pages.

This is handled through the use of an App Password that will authenticate the Include Confluence for Data Center app against Bitbucket Cloud.

Warning: This will allow all Confluence users with access to the page to view private repository content the Bitbucket Cloud user has access to.

Generate a Bitbucket Cloud App Password

The first step is to generate an App Password in Bitbucket Cloud as follows:

  1. Log into Bitbucket Cloud with the User you want to use

  2. Go to your profile (left lower corner) → Personal Settings → App Passwords

  3. Create an App Password

  4. Use the following permissions:

    • Account Read

    • Projects Read

    • Repositories Read

    • Pull Requests Read

  5. Create and copy App Password. You wont be able to access it later without regenerating it.

Configure the User and Password in Confluence Data Center

The second step is to add the user and password information into your Confluence configuration by doing the following in your instance:

  1. Go to Administration → General configuration → Include Bitbucket

  2. Enter the Bitbucket Cloud username and app password.

  3. Save the configuration.

That is it! You can now include files and information from Bitbucket Cloud repositories.

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