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Getting started - Cloud



Install DevSensei Auto-Merge on your Bitbucket Cloud workspace.



To activate auto merging for a pull request, add [SHOW] in front of your pull request title



As soon as these conditions are fulfilled, the pull request is merged:

  • All builds ran successfully

  • No reviewer requested changes

  • No task is left open

  • No enforced merge check is failing

Use Case

DevSensei Auto-Merge automatically merges pull requests, if you do not need more feedback on the pull request. The idea is to have different categories of pull requests. See also Martin Fowlers Ship/Show/Ask blog post.

  • Ask pull requests: You want feedback and discussions on these pull requests. You only want to merge these after there was enough time for discussion and reviewing changes. Examples:

    • Adding a new feature

    • Changing how a feature work

    • Major refactoring

  • Show pull request: You want to show what was done, but otherwise go ahead with the change. You want the pull request as a record, to let the CI check the pull request, and maybe to add comments after the fact. Otherwise, you want to merge the changes without waiting for feedback from coworkers. Examples:

    • Fixing a typo or spelling mistake

    • Small refactoring like renaming a badly named function

    • A bugfix you already discussed with the team or paired programmed on

    • Increasing a dependency's minor version

Creating a Show Pull Requests

DevSensei Auto-Merge helps you with the Show pull requests by merging them automatically for you:

  1. Add [SHOW] in front of your pull request title.

  2. As soon as all these conditions are fulfilled, the pull request is merged automatically:

    1. All builds ran successfully

    2. No reviewer requested changes

    3. No task is left open

    4. No enforced merge check is failing

  3. The pull request is merged shortly after all conditions are met.

Related Pull Request Automation

If you want to automate more in your pull request work-flow, check out:

Limitation: Branch restrictions not supported

Due to how apps can merge PRs in Bitbucket Cloud by Atlassian, the app can not merge, if Branch restrictions are active for the destination branch!
Please vote for it on the public feature request:

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