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Release Notes v. 1.7

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released version 1.7.0 on 🎉

Download Create Branch Wizard for Bitbucket on the Atlassian Marketplace


Show why app selected branch values on create branch page

Before this release, the app just showed a general message that it selected the right branch values on the create branch page. Because of this, it was sometimes unclear why the app selected certain branch values, which then required debugging by analyzing the Bitbucket Server logs to find the root cause.

With this release, the app now shows when a branch mapping rule matched and was applied:

When the fallback logic of using the repository with the most commits for the current Jira issue is used, this is now explained as well:

You can also click on the link to directly extend and add new branch mappings for a repository.


Do you have any questions, suggestions, or problems?

Let us know. We’re glad to help!

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