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Release Notes v. 1.4

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released version 1.4.0 on 🎉

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Prioritize forks over origin repositories in the create branch dialog

So far, the repository with the most matching issue keys in commit messages was used to select the repository in the create branch dialog. This led to the situation where the origin repository was used in fork-based setups. This version fixes this by preferring the fork instead of the origin repository as users want to create branches in their forks most of the time.

When a repository gets deleted, the app should cleanup its repository settings

When a repository is deleted, the app now cleans its repository settings as well. Furthermore, a fix prevents issues during indexing with left-over repository settings which have not been cleaned up.

Reduce amount of error logs in case of indexing failures

The app reduces the amount of logging with severity level ERROR to an absolute minimum.


1.4.1: resolved issues on

  • Security update for dependencies

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