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Release Notes v6.7

We released Code Owners 6.7 on πŸŽ‰

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Unblock pull requests, if CODEOWNERS files contain invalid user/group identifiers

If all merge checks are fulfilled, the app does not prevent merging anymore, if the CODEOWNERS file contains invalid user/group identifiers.

Dark Mode for Bitbucket 8.16

Support Dark Mode introduced with Bitbucket 8.16.

Auto-merge: Use PR author instead of Service User to merge

Other Bitbucket apps may provide their own merge checks requiring a Bitbucket users authentication. For example to access Jira. Previously the auto-merge was done with the apps Service User and failed if such authentication is required.

Now the app auto-merges as the pull request author. For audit reasons, the app writes a PR comment stating that the PR merge was triggered by DevSensei auto-merge.


Improved performance

On large Bitbucket instances with many users, looking up repository read permissions for identifiers in the CODEOWNERS files caused the app to be slow.
We added caching for this permission look-ups. This improves performance for several code paths in the app, especially if there are many identifiers specified in the CODEOWNERS file.


6.7.0 : resolved issues on

  • πŸ› fixes:

    • Support special characters in file names, e.g. src/{{template}}/

    • PR creation: Make sure Bitbucket failure message is visible and not replaced by CO failure message

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