We released Code Owners 5.3 on πŸŽ‰

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Features - Merge Check

Fallback group for absent Code Owners,
members of this group approvals count as CO to every merge check rule (opt-in)

  • Use-case: in case of absences of CodeOwners, PRs can not be merged and may block the team progress.

  • Define a group called FallbackOwners, and if members of that group are added to Pull Request and approve it, it counts towards the limit in Code Owners merge checks:

@@@FallbackOwners   @LisaTheFrontendExpert @PeterTheUISpecialist
ebanking/**/*.js    @@EbankingJSTeam
Check(@@EbankingJSTeam >= 2)

PR author considered as approving owner in group merge checks (opt-in)

  • If you want that PR authors, who are Code Owners themself for the changes, count towards group merge checks, you can now configure that.

  • Add the option: AuthorSelfApproval to the corresponding Group check. e.g.


    which reduces limit by one, if PR author is also Code Owner as member of Devs group.


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