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Migration to Bitbucket Cloud

Migration from Bitbucket Data Center to Bitbucket Cloud is supported with some limitations. Contact us when you have a scenario that is not directly supported.

Feature Comparison


Bitbucket Server/Data Center

Bitbucket Cloud

Code Owner Rules with Users


(tick) Only Display or Nickname Supported. Email is not supported.

Code Owner Rules with Groups



Merge Checks


(tick) Failed Merge Checks appear as failed builds and are shown in a Web Card.

Separate Code Owners File in sub directories (For mono repos)



Branch Filters



Migration Guide from Server/Data Center to Cloud

  1. Replace emails and user names with display names. The Cloud edition only supports display and nick names. Therefore, replace an email like * jordan@example.local with * @"Jordan Example".

  2. If you have merge checks, enable the Minimal Successful Builds in the Bitbucket Cloud merge checks, as failed merge checks appear as failed builds.

  3. If you have Code Owners file for different sub-directories, then you have to consolidate the rules in the top-level Code Owners file. Let us know if want support for multiple Code Owners files on Bitbucket Cloud.

  4. Branch filters are not supported. If you need branch filter in the Cloud, let us know.

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