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(Deprecated, Bitbucket 6 Only) Cross-referencing feature

Code Cross-referencing feature

Please note that this feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future release, because code cross-referencing is only available in Bitbucket 6.0, which reached its end of live.

Ever wanted to check some class or function definitions during a code review? Code cross-referencing allows you to look up definitions of code entities by Ctrl+Click'ing on them in Bitbucket Server's pull request diff view:

Note that this feature is only available in the pull request diff view and not Bitbucket Server's other code browsing pages.

If there is only one code entity matching the text where you Ctrl+Click'ed, Code Review Assistant will immediately open the definition of it with the starting line of its definition highlighted. If there are many possible entities (like in the screenshot above), Code Review Assistant will show you a popup where you can choose which code entity definition you would like to look up.

This feature relies on Ctag being installed on the server you run Bitbucket Server. The path to the Ctag executable can be configured in the add-on admin page.

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