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Release Notes - Bitbucket Cloud

Release Notes - Pull Request Checklist Buddy for Bitbucket Cloud

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Happens automatically, except if manual approval is required.

To upgrade app manually to the latest version:

  1. Go to your Workspace settings under Settings -> Installed apps:
  2. Select the app you want to update.
  3. Press the Update button.

Version 2024-03-22


  • Fixes glob matching, where previously the glob src/sub/ also wrongly matched the folder src/subdir/

Version 2024-02-27


  • Tasks defined in the PRCHECKLIST file will now correctly appear in the same order on the Pull Request.

Version 2024-01-23


  • Extended the Glob support options-lists to match. For example --target {master,release/*}

Version 2024-01-09


  • Improved error messages for invalid PRCHECKLIST files

Version 2023-04-18


  • Add Checklists on files in diff, instead on entire Pull Request: use newly introduced modifier --put-on-files to specify the files the checklist should be added to. Example: --put-on-files +task+ Release notes updated with new features?
  • You can have a fine-grained control on when checklists are put on a file, depending on the type of change that this file underwent. Example --put-on-files src/** --with-modification added +task+ Validate that this file belongs to the right place
  • Introduction of generalized -except feature for filters. Before this release, it was possible to use the source-except filter to put a checklist on all pull requests where the source branch does not match the specified description. With this release, you can append -except to any filter. For example, you might want to add a task whenever the file pom.xml is not modified. You can now address that use case with --files-except pom.xml +task+ Version bump?.
  • New --commit-title filter to create tasks for matching substrings in commit titles (first line of commit message). Example: --commit-title [WIP] +task+ Clean up commits before merging


  • More user friendly PRCHECKLIST parsing errors

Version 2023-03-06


  • Take PRCHECKLIST file from default branch of repository to ease maintenance, instead of taking it from pull request target branch.

    • 💥 This change can break your setup if you used different PRCHECKLIST files in your target branches
      • 🗒️ Aggregate the different PRCHECKLIST files by using the --target branch filter
  • Link to new documentation

Version 2023-01-30


  • Documentation and release notes accessible by every user on the repository menu, not just for admins.


  • Dependency updates

Version 2022-09-22


  • New --source-except branch-pattern Filter

    The --source-except filter matches all source branches except the one specified.

    Useful if pull requests from certain branches do need the task, but all others do. Example:

    --target releases/* --source-except bugfix/* +task+ Check if changes are required in this release

Version 2022-07-05 (initial version)


  • Powerful and context-dependent pull request checklists with default tasks
  • Conditional tasks based on files & branches in PR
  • Enforce compliance with merge checks

See marketplace listing for more details: Pull Request Checklist Buddy for Bitbucket Cloud

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