We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released Pull Request Checklist Buddy 1.0.4 on 🎉​

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Bitbucket Data Center


1.1.1: Fixes Bitbucket Markdown rendering issues

  • Markdown might not be rendered anymore in Bitbucket in some scenarios, e.g. if the app is enabled when Bitbucket is started. This release fixes this issue.

  • Shows "expires soon" license banner to Bitbucket admins only

1.1.0: Added --source-except filter on

  • Added --source-except filter to add a task for all pull request, unless they come from the excluded source branch.

1.0.4 : resolved issue(s) on

  • Allows : and { } characters in file globs in PRCHECKLIST files

  • Links Documentation when opening PRCHECKLIST files

  • Links Getting started guide in the pull request if no PRCHECKLIST in repo

  • Shows PRCHECKLIST syntax errors in the pull request

1.0.3 : resolved issue(s) on

  • Improved in-app documentation

  • Fixed missing app icon in UPM

1.0.2 : resolved issue(s) on

  • Tasks are created for source and destination when a file is moved in a PR

  • App version shown under Repository Settings → Checklist Buddy

    • incl. link to release notes

1.0.1: resolved issue(s) on

  • Fix parsing for allowing any order of filters in lines of PRCHECKLIST file

    • Before, parsing failed in case of multiple filters on line and order was not exactly --source ... --target .. --files ... .

    • Filters must come before comment types:

      • ok: --target master +title+ Release checklist

      • wrong: +title+ Release checklist --target master

  • Show License warnings as comments in pull requests

1.0.0: resolved issue(s) on

  • Public release

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