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Release Notes

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released Pull Request Checklist Buddy 2.1.1 on 🎉​

Download on the Atlassian Marketplace for Bitbucket Data Center


2.2.0: Extended Glob Support, release

  • Extended the Glob support options-lists to match. For example --target {master,release/*} matches the branches master and release/*.

  • Fix for handling special characters in the Checklist editor

2.1.1: Maintenance release


  • Update dependencies to latest versions

  • Added telemetry for improving application usage and performance. You can opt out of sending telemetry statistics by setting the Bitbucket property to false.

2.1.0: Checklist for various types of modifications, Project level checklists

New Features

  • In 2.0.0, we introduced the Checklists on files feature. This time around, we go one step further and we give the opportunity to only add the Checklists depending on what happened to the file (added, modified or deleted) with the new with-modification filter. Example: --put-on-files CODEOWNERS --with-modification modified --with-modification deleted +task+ Don't touch the CODEOWNERS file!

  • Project-level Checklists: If you find yourself always adding the same Checklists in all your repositories, you may now instead define these checklists once on the Checklist Buddy Project Settings (Project settings -> Checklist Buddy) page. These checklists will be added on top of the already configured checklists in the repository:


  • We continuously improve our Checklist Online Editor to reflect the changes from the last releases.

2.0.0: Checklists on files, *-except filters, new --commit-title filter

New Features

  • Add Checklists on files in diff, instead on entire Pull Request: use newly introduced modifier --put-on-files to specify the files the checklist should be added to. Example: --put-on-files +task+ Release notes updated with new features?

  • Introduction of generalized -except feature for filters. Before this release, it was possible to use the source-except filter to put a checklist on all pull requests where the source branch does not match the specified description. With this release, you can append -except to any filter. For example, you might want to add a task whenever the file pom.xml is not modified. You can now address that use case with --files-except pom.xml +task+ Version bump?

  • New --commit-title filter to create tasks for matching substrings in commit titles (first line of commit message). Example: --commit-title [WIP] +task+ Clean up commits before merging


  • Improved PRCHECKLIST syntax error messages to facilitate troubleshooting. We will continue improving error messages in the future.

  • Show a button for the Checklist Buddy online editor when opening a PRCHECKLIST file in Bitbucket’s file view

  • Replace /checklist command with context menu button "Trigger Checklist Buddy" in pull request page

BREAKING CHANGE: App now uses PRCHECKLIST file from repository default branch instead of PR destination branch. This was done to make the maintenance of the app configuration easier.

1.1.1: Fixes Bitbucket Markdown rendering issues

  • Markdown might not be rendered anymore in Bitbucket in some scenarios, e.g. if the app is enabled when Bitbucket is started. This release fixes this issue.

  • Shows "expires soon" license banner to Bitbucket admins only

1.1.0: Added --source-except filter on

  • Added --source-except filter to add a task for all pull request, unless they come from the excluded source branch.

1.0.4 : resolved issue(s) on

  • Allows : and { } characters in file globs in PRCHECKLIST files

  • Links Documentation when opening PRCHECKLIST files

  • Links Getting started guide in the pull request if no PRCHECKLIST in repo

  • Shows PRCHECKLIST syntax errors in the pull request

1.0.3 : resolved issue(s) on

  • Improved in-app documentation

  • Fixed missing app icon in UPM

1.0.2 : resolved issue(s) on

  • Tasks are created for source and destination when a file is moved in a PR

  • App version shown under Repository Settings → Checklist Buddy

    • incl. link to release notes

1.0.1: resolved issue(s) on

  • Fix parsing for allowing any order of filters in lines of PRCHECKLIST file

    • Before, parsing failed in case of multiple filters on line and order was not exactly --source ... --target .. --files ... .

    • Filters must come before comment types:

      • ok: --target master +title+ Release checklist

      • wrong: +title+ Release checklist --target master

  • Show License warnings as comments in pull requests

1.0.0: resolved issue(s) on

  • Public release

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